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  U.S. Data  
U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Statistical Abstract
FedStats Directory Fed. Reserve Board - Wash. DC
Kansas City
New York
San Francisco
St. Louis Economagic
Mortgage Bankers Assoc.
The Conference Board Indicators

  U.S. State Data  
Alabama - U. of Al., Center for Business & Econ. Research
Alaska - Dept. of Commerce & Econ. Devel.
Arizona Center for Business Research
California - Dept. of Finance
Colorado - U. of Co., Business Research Div.
Connecticut - Dept. of Econ. & Community Devel.
Delaware - Econ. Devel. Office
Florida - U. of Fl., Bureau of Econ. & Business Research
Georgia - U. of Ga., Selig Center for Econ. Growth
Hawaii - Dept. of Business, Econ. Devel. & Tourism
Idaho - Dept. of Commerce
Indiana - In. U., Indiana Business Research Center
Kansas - U. of Ks., Inst. for Public Policy and Business Research
Louisiana - La. Electronic Assistance Program
Massachusetts - U. of Ma., Inst. for Social and Econ. Research
Missouri - Economic & Policy Analysis Research Center
Montana - Dept. of Commerce
Nebraska - Dept. of Econ. Development
New Jersey - Dept. of Labor
New Mexico - U. of N.M., Bureau of Business & Econ. Research
North Carolina - Office of State Planning
North Dakota - N.D. St. U., State Data Center
Pennsylvania - State Data Center
Rhode Island - Economic Development Corp.
South Carolina - Budget & Control Board
Tennessee - U. of Tn., Center for Business & Econ. Research
Texas - Tx. A&M U., State Data Center
Utah - Office of Planning & Budget
Vermont - Dept. of Employment & Training
Vermont - U. of Vt., Center for Rural Studies
Virginia - U of Va., Weldon Cooper Center
Virginia - U of Va., Geostat
Washington - Office of Financial Management
West Virginia - W.V.U., College of Business & Economics
Wyoming - Dept. of Administration & Information Maryland State Legislature
Virginia State Legislature
National Association of State Information Executives
National Conference of State Legislatures
National Association of State Information Executives

European Union
Export-Import Bank
Inter-American Development Bank
International Labor Organization (ILO)
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Org for Econ Co-Operation and Devel (OECD)
Penn World Tables
World Bank
World Health Org (WHO)
World Tourism Org
World Trade Org (WTO) United Nations
Statistics Division
Economic Committee for Africa
Economic Committee for Asian & Pacific
Economic Committee for Western Asia
Economic Committee for Latin Amrica
Economic Committee for Europe
Conference on Trade & Development
Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
Program on HIV/Aids
Population Fund (UNFPA)
Stat Inst for Asia & Pacific
Food & Agricultural Org (FAO)
Educ, Scientifc & Cultural Or (UNESCO) Argentina - Nat Inst. of Statistics and Censuses
Aruba - Central Bureau of Statistics
Bolivia - Nat'l. Inst. of Statistics
Brazil - Inst. of Geography and Statistics
Canada - Statistics Canada
Chile - Nat'l. Inst. of Statistics
Columbia - Nat'l. Admin. Dept. of Statistics
Costa Rica - Nat'l Inst. of Statistics & Censuses
Dominican Republic - Nat'l. Statistics Office
Ecuador - Nat'l. Inst. of Statistics and Census
Greenland - Statistics Greenland
Mexico - INEGI
Peru - Nat'l. Inst. of Statistics and Informatics
St. Lucia - Ministry Finance & Planning
Venezuela - OCEI Austria - ÖSTAT
Croatia - Central Bureau of Statistics
Denmark - Statistics Denmark
Finland - Statistics Finland
France - Nat'l. Inst. of Statistics and Econ. Studies
Germany - Federal Statistical Office
Greece - National Statistical Service
Iceland - Statistics Iceland
Ireland - Central Statistics Office
Italy - Nat'l. Inst. of Statistics
Luxembourg - STATEC
Macedonia - Statistical Office
Malta - Central Office of Statistics
Netherlands - Central Bureau of Statistics
Norway - Statistics Norway
Portugal - Nat'l. Inst. of Statistics
Spain - Nat'l. Inst. of Statistics
Sweden - Statistics Sweden
Switzerland - Federal Statistical Office
Turkey - State Inst. of Statistics
United Kingdom - Office for Nat'l. Statistics
United Kingdom - General Register Office Scotland
United Kingdom - N. Ireland Stats and Rsrch Agency
Yugoslavia - Federal Statistical Office Armenia - Ministry of Statistics
Azerbaijan - State Statistical Comm
Bulgaria - National Statistical Institute
Czech Republic - Statistical Office
Estonia - Statistical Office
Estonia - Regional Bureau of Statistics
Hungary - Central Statistical Office
Kazakhstan - Agency on Statistics
Kyrgyz Republic - Natl Statistical Comm
Latvia - Central Statistical Bureau
Lithuania - Dept. of Statistics
Poland - Natl Statistics Office
Romania - Nat'l Commission for Statistics
Russia - Goskomstat
Slovenia - Statistical Office
Uzbekistan - Goskomprognozstat Australia - Bureau of Statistics
Bangladesh - Bureau of Statistics
China - National Bureau of Statistics
Hong Kong - Census and Statistics Dept.
India - Ministry of Statistics
Indonesia - Central Bureau of Statistics
Korea - National Statistical Office
Japan - Mgmt & Coord Agency
Macau - Census and Statistics Dept.
Malaysia - Dept. of Statistics
Mongolia - Natl Statistical Office
New Zealand - Statistics New Zealand
Phillipines - National Statistical Office
Singapore - Dept. of Statistics
Taiwan - Budget, Acctg., and Statistics
Thailand - National Statistical Office Algeria - Office National de Statistiques
Israel - Central Bureau of Statistics
Jordan - Dept of Statistics
Palestina - PCBS
South Africa - Statistics S.A. Economagic
Harvard CID
Corruption Index
Country Freedom Ratings
Index of Economic Freedom
The Conference Board Indicators

  Other Data  
Internet Valley
NUA USA Today - Baseball Statistics Archive
Internet Baseball Stats
The Baseball Archive Movie Box Office Revenues
Venture Capital

  Forecasts and Models  
Ray Fair Model
IMF Multimod Ray Fair Model
Gallup Poll
Iowa Electronic (Election) Markets

  Analysis Reports  
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Nat'l Science Foundation Brookings Organization Heritage Foundation
NBER Electronic Policy Network
Elsevier Press
Pub Science Collections

  Financial Markets  
Yahoo CNN
Investment FAQ
IPO Central
Motley Fool
MSN Money Central
NASD Regulation
Silicon Investor Bigcharts
Clear Station
Companies Online
MSN Moneycentral
SEC Edgar
Trading Day
Wall Street Research Net
Wash. Post Ameritrade
Brown & Co
CSFB Direct
Charles Schwab
Jack White Co
National Discount Brok
Quick & Reilly
Sure Trade
Waterhouse Fidelity Invest
American Century
Vanguard Group
T Rowe Price
Scudder Funds
Janus Funds
Putnam Invest National Venture Capital Association