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William Lidderdale

Born: July 4, 1832
British Chaplaincy, St. Petersburg, Russia
Christened: September 15, 1832
British Chaplaincy, St. Petersburg, Russia
Died: June 26, 1902
Marylebone, London, England
Mary Ann ??
Ann Morgan
8 Jul 1806 - 1843
William Morgan
25 Aug 1773 - ????
Elizabeth Wright
1745 - 1823
John Lidderdale
18 Apr 1782 - 4 Jan 1845
William Lidderdale
1739 - 8 Feb 1819



Mary Martha Busk

Born:  February 21, 1843, British Chaplaincy, St. Petersburg, Russia
Christened: April 29, 1843, British Chaplaincy, St. Petersburg, Russia
Died:  1924, St. George Hanover Square, London, England
Marriage: 1868, East Hampstead, Berkshire, England
    Sex   Birth   Death
Edward Wadsworth Lidderdale   M   April 30, 1869
East Hampstead, Berkshire, England
  February 4, 1943
Kensington, London, England
Alice Elizabeth Lidderdale   F   1870
Kensington, London, England
  May 1875
Mary Seton Lidderdale   F   1872
Kensington, London, England
Marylebone, London, England
Evelyn Hamilton Lidderdale   F   1874
Kensington, London, England
Surrey, England
Walter Douglas Lidderdale   M   January 6, 1876
Kensington, London, England
  December 1952
Sherborne, Dorset, England
Constance Margaret Lidderdale   F   June 28, 1877
Kensington, London, England
  December 1, 1936
Henry Maxwell Lidderdale   M   September 22, 1879
Kensington, London, England
South Africa
Alan Wadsworth Lidderdale   M   November 15, 1885
Paddington, London, England
  February 1971

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Historical Records

William Lidderdale was the second son of John of St. Petersburg. He married Mary Martha, daughter of Wadsworth Dawson Busk, also of St. Petersburg.

Until the age of fifteen he (with his brothers) went to school in Birkenhead, spending his holidays with his uncle, James of Lochbank. He then joined the Russia merchants Heath and Co., headed by one of his guardians, but nothing is known of his time with them. He eventually joined Rathbone Bros., the long established Liverpool merchant house, in whose New York agency he worked from 1857 to 1863. In 1864 he became a partner in Rathbones and was responsible for establishing their London House.

In 1870 he became a director at the Bank of England, of which he was made Deputy Governor in 1887 and was Governor from 1889 to 1892 (being the first Governor to have his period at office extended to a third year).

The crowning event of his life was his bold and effective handling of the Baring Crisis in 1890, following which (after refusing a baronetcy) he was appointed to Her Majesty's Privy Council and given the freedom of the City of London on May 6, 1891. A good account of this crisis is given by Sir John Clapham in his Official History of the Bank of England, Volume II beginning on page 326. Accounts of his career are to be found in the D.N.B. and, more informatively, in the Dictionary of Business Biography, published by the London School of Economics in 1985.

In the last ten years of his life he suffered severe financial losses, possibly connected with the affairs of Rathbones, of whom he remained a partner until 1897.

He was concerned with several philanthropic and patriotic societies, including the Patriotic Fund, of which he was made a Commissioner.

Several good photographs at him, at various ages, exist, and bear out his reputation of having been a person of striking presence (six foot two in height), as also was his wife.

They sent their sons to Winchester and then on to Oxford. All their children were tall, cultured and marked by a most pleasant manner.

Reprinted from:
• Lidderdale, Robert Halliday, An Account of the Lowland Scots Family of Lidderdale, 1950.
• Lidderdale, Halliday Adair, The Descendants of John Lidderdale 1783-1845, 1988, unpublished manuscript.

Excerpts from the Rathbone Papers, Special Collections and Archives, University of Liverpool Library.

In 1824 the firm that had been built up through four generations of the Rathbone family of Liverpool began trading under the name Rathbone Bros. and Co., under the partnership of William Rathbone V, Richard Rathbone, and James Powell, carrying on the business of commission merchants and shipping agents. At this time the most important commodity to the trading activities of the firm was American cotton.

In 1842 William Rathbone VI joined his father as partner in the firm, and in 1847 his brother Samuel Greg Rathbone also became a partner. The Rathbones trade with America was strengthened, involving the import of cotton and grains to Britain, the export of China tea and Brazilian coffee to America; and so an agency was established in New York by one of the partners, Henry Wainwright Gair, to promote this business further. In 1857 William Lidderdale succeeded Gair in the direction of this agency, during the Civil War in America he in turn was succeeded by J.R. Busk.

The trade with China was also stimulated during this period...with Rathbone Bros. becoming one of the largest tea importers in Britain, to such an extent that a London house was opened to provide the firm with a base at the center of the tea trade. William Lidderdale became the partner in charge of the London House.

William Gair Rathbone VII (1849-1919) was the eldest son of William Rathbone VI and Lucretia Rathbone. Following a short period of training with the Rathbone Bros. offices in Liverpool he travelled to New York to represent the firm in America. In 1879 he returned to England to operate with William Lidderdale the new London branch of the firm.

• "Business Records: Rathbone Bros. and Co. (RP XXIV)," Rathbone Papers, Special Collections and Archives, University of Liverpool Library.
• "Papers of William Gair Rathbone VII and descendants (RP XXV)," Rathbone Papers, Special Collections and Archives, University of Liverpool Library.

The Berkshire Burial Index (Berkshire Family History Society) reports that William Lidderdale was buried at Winkfield St. Mary, Berkshire, England, on June 30, 1902 at age 69. William's last address was 53 Montague Square, London.

William Lidderdale is included in Biography Index, a cumulative index to biographical material in books and magazines (New York:H.W. Wilson Co., 1983) in Volume 12, September 1979 - August 1982.

William is also listed in the Dictionary of National Biography, 2nd supplement, edited by Sir Sidney Lee (New York: Macmillan Co.; London: Smith, Elder & Co., 1912).

1871 England Census
Dwelling: 17 Cambridge Sq.
Census Place: St. John, Kensington, Paddington, London, England
Public Record Office Reference: RG 10/22 pages 23-24.
Name Relationship Marital
 Age   Sex  Occupation Birthplace
William Lidderdale Head Married 38 M General merchant and ship owner Russia British subject
Mary M. Lidderdale Wife Married 28 F   Russia British subject
Edward W. Lidderdale Son   1 M   Paddington, Middlesex, England
Alice E. Lidderdale Daughter   0 F   Paddington, Middlesex, England
Elizabeth A. Beale Servant Unmarried 19 F Nurse Marylebone, Middlesex, England
Emma Dillon Servant Unmarried 28 F Parlor Maid Albury, Hertsfordshire, England
Margaret G. Ferguson Servant Unmarried 38 F Nurse Scotland
Mary Ann Prior Servant Unmarried 44 F Cook Cheriton, Kent, England
Fanny Salmon Servant Unmarried 26 F Housemaid Warminster, Wiltshire, England
1881 England Census
Dwelling: 23 Cambridge Sq.
Census Place: St. John, Paddington, London, England
Public Record Office Reference: RG 11/17 page 15.
Name Relationship Marital
 Age   Sex  Occupation Birthplace
William Ledderdale Head Married 48 M India & China Merchant Emp 4 women (British Subject), Russia
Mary M. Ledderdale Wife Married 38 F   (British Subject), Russia
Mary L. Ledderdale Daughter   8 F Scholar London, Middlesex, England
Evelyn H. Ledderdale Daughter   7 F   London, Middlesex, England
Walter D. Ledderdale Son   5 M   London, Middlesex, England
Constance M. Ledderdale Daughter   3 F   London, Middlesex, England
Henry M. Ledderdale Son   1 M   London, Middlesex, England
Emily Billery Serv Unmarried 31 F Under Nurse Aston Clinton, Buckingham, England
Elizabeth Cannon Serv Unmarried 53 F Parlormaid Bennington, Hertford, England
Emma Dean Serv Unmarried 43 F Cook Old Newton, Suffolk, England
Margaret Ferguson Serv Unmarried 50 F Head Nurse Scotland
Emma Fisher Serv Unmarried 19 F Kitchenmaid Redlingfield, Suffolk, England
Mary E. Lenthwell Serv Unmarried 28 F Under Nurse Winchester, Hampshire, England
Ann Wright Serv Unmarried 34 F Housemaid Nuneaton, Warwick, England
1891 England Census
Dwelling: Hestercombe
Census Place: St. Mary, Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire, England
Public Record Office Reference: RG 12/1136 page 14.
Name Relationship Marital
 Age   Sex  Occupation Birthplace
William Lidderdale Boarder Married 58 M Governor of Bank of England and general merchant St. Petersburg, Russia
Mary M. Lidderdale Boarder Married 48 F   St. Petersburg, Russia
Constance M. Lidderdale Boarder Single 13 F   Middlesex, London, England
Henry M. Lidderdale Boarder Single 11 M   Middlesex, London, England
Alan W. Lidderdale Boarder Single 5 M   Middlesex, London, England
Emily J. Clarke Boarder Single 35 F Private Governess London, England
Cath C. Shobbrook Boarder Single 30 F Nurse Nth Loo, Devonshire, England
Church of Latter Day Saints, Genealogical Office (www.familysearch.org)
Birth: William Lidderdale July 4, 1832  
Christening: William Lidderdale September 15, 1832 British Chaplaincy, Saint Petersburg, Russia
England and Wales General Register Office, England and Wales Civil Registration Indexes
Marriage: William Lidderdale and Mary Martha Busk Apr - Jun, 1868 Easthampstead, Berkshire, England Vol. 2c Page 727
Death: William Lidderdale Apr - Jun, 1902 St. Marylebone, Greater London, England Vol. 1a Page 351

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