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Edward Keate Lidderdale

Born: March 4, 1842
British Chaplaincy, St. Petersburg, Russia
Christened: April 7, 1842
British Chaplaincy, St. Petersburg, Russia
Died: 1866
Mary Ann ??
Ann Morgan
8 Jul 1806 - 1843
William Morgan
25 Aug 1773 - ????
Elizabeth Wright
1745 - 1823
John Lidderdale
18 Apr 1782 - 4 Jan 1845
William Lidderdale
1739 - 8 Feb 1819

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Descendants of James Lidderdale (mid-1500s to present).

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Historical Records

Edward Keate Lidderdale was the the youngest and fifth son of John of St. Petersburg. He was so full of promise that his brothers, William and Francis, though beginning their careers, and none too well off, helped to send him to Cambridge. He entered Peterhouse, being admitted as a pensioner (that is a commoner) on the 13 April 1861. The next year he was made a scholar (Gibson Scholar), but the only degree which he seems to have taken is that of LL.B., which he took in 1865.

He entered the Indian Civil Service but, unfortunately, died in India early in his career.

Reprinted from:
• Lidderdale, Robert Halliday, An Account of the Lowland Scots Family of Lidderdale, 1950.
• Lidderdale, Halliday Adair, The Descendants of John Lidderdale 1783-1845, 1988, unpublished manuscript.

Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900:
Adm. pens. at PETERHOUSE, Apr. 13, 1861. S. of John, Esq., of St Petersburgh. Matric. Michs. 1861; Gisborne Scholar, 1862; LL.B. 1865.

1861 England Census
Dwelling: Lodge Lane
Census Place: Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Public Record Office Reference: RG
Name Relationship Marital
 Age   Sex  Occupation Birthplace
Edward K. Lidderdale   Pupil   19 M Scholar St. Petersburg, Russia
Church of Latter Day Saints, Genealogical Office (www.familysearch.org)
Birth: Edward Keate Lidderdale March 4, 1842  
Christening: Edward Keate Lidderdale April 7, 1842 British Chaplaincy, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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