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Evelyn Hamilton Lidderdale

Born: 1874
Kensington, London, England
Died: 1935
Surrey, England
Elizabeth Thielcke
c1813 - 1879
Mary Martha Busk
21 Feb 1843 - 1924
Wadsworth Dawson Busk
c1804 - 1873
Ann Morgan
8 Jul 1806 - 1843
William Lidderdale
4 Jul 1832 - 6 Jun 1902
John Lidderdale
18 Apr 1782 - 4 Jan 1845

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Descendants of James Lidderdale (mid-1500s to present).

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Historical Records

She had literary ability and contributed short stories to the Cornhill Magazine. Her book for children "The Forget-me-not Clock" has charm and achieved considerable success. She also was a much-loved aunt. It was probably she who actually composed an account of her mother's journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow during the Crimea War.

Reprinted from: Lidderdale, Halliday Adair, The Descendants of John Lidderdale 1783-1845, 1988 unpublished manuscript.

1881 England Census
Dwelling: 23 Cambridge Sq.
Census Place: St. John, Paddington, London, England
Public Record Office Reference: RG 11/17 page 15.
Name Relationship Marital
 Age   Sex  Occupation Birthplace
William Ledderdale Head Married 48 M India & China Merchant Emp 4 women (British Subject), Russia
Mary M. Ledderdale Wife Married 38 F   (British Subject), Russia
Mary L. Ledderdale Daughter   8 F Scholar London, Middlesex, England
Evelyn H. Ledderdale Daughter   7 F   London, Middlesex, England
Walter D. Ledderdale Son   5 M   London, Middlesex, England
Constance M. Ledderdale Daughter   3 F   London, Middlesex, England
Henry M. Ledderdale Son   1 M   London, Middlesex, England
Emily Billery Serv Unmarried 31 F Under Nurse Aston Clinton, Buckingham, England
Elizabeth Cannon Serv Unmarried 53 F Parlormaid Bennington, Hertford, England
Emma Dean Serv Unmarried 43 F Cook Old Newton, Suffolk, England
Margaret Ferguson Serv Unmarried 50 F Head Nurse Scotland
Emma Fisher Serv Unmarried 19 F Kitchenmaid Redlingfield, Suffolk, England
Mary E. Lenthwell Serv Unmarried 28 F Under Nurse Winchester, Hampshire, England
Ann Wright Serv Unmarried 34 F Housemaid Nuneaton, Warwick, England
1901 England Census
Dwelling: 42 Lancaster Gate
Census Place: Christchurch, Paddington, London, England
Public Record Office Reference: RG 13/15 pages 33-34.
Name Relationship Marital
 Age   Sex  Occupation Birthplace
Mary M. Lidderdale Wife Married 58 F   Russia British subject
Edward Lidderdale Son   31 M Merchant banker Paddington, London, England
Mary Lidderdale Daughter Single 28 F   Paddington, London, England
Evelyn Lidderdale Daughter Single 27 F   Paddington, London, England
Constance Lidderdale Daughter Single 23 F   Paddington, London, England
Henry Lidderdale Son Single 21 M   Paddington, London, England
Eliza Blunt Servant Widow 51 F Lady's maid Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England
Kate Charles Servant Single 30 F Cook Peckham, London, England
Louisa David Servant Single 24 F Parlor maid Paddington, London, England
Elizabeth Irvine Servant Single 30 F House maid Scotland
Mary McPhee Servant Single 27 F Parlor maid Scotland
Alice Turner Servant Single 22 F House maid Islington, London, England
Sarah Webb Servant Single 24 F Kitchen maid Shrivenham, Berkshire, England
England and Wales General Register Office, England and Wales Civil Registration Indexes
Birth: Evelyn H. Lidderdale Jul - Sep, 1935 Surrey SW, England Vol. 2a Page 390

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