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Demetrius Andrew Lidderdale

Born: April 1964
Birmingham, England
Mary Hero Koumlidou
17 Apr 1930 - ????
Norah Beatrice Roberts
9 Jun 1879 - 12 Feb 1955
Halliday Adair Lidderdale
18 Jun 1917 - Jan 1992
William Kennedy Lidderdale
31 Oct 1871 - 5 May 1949



Julia M. Huxtable

Born:  May 1967
Marriage: June 1991, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales
    Sex   Birth   Death
James Alexander Lidderdale   M   April 23, 2002
Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England
Frederick Charles Lidderdale   M   November 2003
Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England

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Descendants of James Lidderdale (mid-1500s to present).

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Historical Records

Demetri was born Birmingham in 1964 and schooled there and in Uganda and London, Burlington Danes. After various employments he trained and qualified as a professional diver. He ran a diving school called Aquasplash for 5 years 1994-1999. Demetri is now a property developer with Whitestone Homes.

Julia is a senior midwife at St. Peter's Hospital Chertsey and now a maternity matters programme facilitator with the Strategic health authority.

Sources: Lidderdale, Halliday Adair, The Descendants of John Lidderdale 1783-1845, 1988 unpublished manuscript; personal communication from Julia Lidderdale.

London Times Birth Announcements
Birth: James Alexander Lidderdale April 23, 2002 Publication Date: April 25, 2002
England and Wales General Register Office, England and Wales Civil Registration Indexes
Marriage: Demetri A. Lidderdale and Julia M. Huxtable Jun 1991 Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales Vol. 27 Page 969

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