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Jean (or Anna) Lidderdale Lidderdale

Born: c1748
Midmar, Aberdeen, Scotland
Died: ????
Mary Falconer
???? - ????
Jean Fullerton
c1712 - 25 Aug 1772
John Fullerton
???? - ????
Eleanora Dunbar
c1680 - 1757
James Lidderdale
???? - ????
David Lidderdale
1675 - 21 Apr 1732



Abraham Roebuck

Born:  c1752, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Engalnd
Died:  ????
Marriage: ????
    Sex   Birth   Death
William Roebuck   M   c1778
West Lothian, Scotland
Anne (or Hannah) Roebuck   F   c1779
West Lothian, Scotland

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Married Abraham Roebuck of the Honourable East India Company Service, and had issue. Their eldest, a Captain in the Army, was lost at sea. All four daughters married men in the service of 'John Company' and all four suffered loss at sea. the toll of the sea was great in those days, but the motor car takes its place.

Source: Robert Halliday Lidderdale, An Account of the Lowland Scots Family of Lidderdale, 1950.

Abraham Roebuck, born about 1752 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, was a son of Dr John Roebuck, the English inventor and industrialist who assisted with development of James Watts' steam engine. Dr John Roebuck's enterprises took him to Scotland, where he died, and many of his children married and had their children in the Borrowstouness area.

Hannah Roebuck, daughter of Abraham Roebuck and Jean Lidderdale, was baptised February 17, 1780 at Borrostouness, West Lothian, Scotland. There is no record of birth or baptism of Anna, while there is for Jean. I would suggest that Anna and Jean are the same person, and perhaps Jean was mistranscribed as Anna, or perhaps her nickname or middle name was Anna.

William Roebuck was baptised on May 26, 1778 also in Borrowstouness. Presumably this William is the army captain who was lost at sea. Hannah's husband, Murdoch Maclaine, was a major in the 42nd Regiment of Foot - known as "The Black Watch". Murdoch Maclaine was born about 1774, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland, son of Farquhar Maclaine and Elizabeth Macquarie, and a nephew of the Governor of New South Wales, Australia, Lachlan Macquarie. Murdoch and Hannah had only one child that we know of, Jean/Janet/Jane Maclaine who was born in Edinburgh about 1816. There is documented evidence that Murdoch Maclaine died 12 Dec 1822, but it doesn't say where he died, and we have assumed he died in Ireland because that is where his regiment was at the time. A biography of Lachlan Macquarie says that before he died in 1824, Lachlan was trying to obtain a pension for his sister (ie Elizabeth or Betty Maclaine, nee Macquarie, Lachlan's only sister), whose son died in action in Canada - this can only be Murdoch because his brother Hector died in Ceylon in 1803, and his other brother Hugh did not die until 1828 in Jamaica.

- Correspondence from Michelle Giza-Vink of Sydney, Australia.

General Register Office for Scotland (www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk)
Christening: Jean Lidderdale June 6, 1748 Midmar, Aberdeen, Scotland James Lidderdale GROS 222/ 0010 0063
Church of Latter Day Saints, Genealogical Office (www.familysearch.org)
Christening: Jean Lidderdale June 6, 1748 Midmar, Aberdeen, Scotland James Lidderdale
Christening: William Roebuck May 26, 1778 Bo'Ness, West Lothian, Scotland Abraham Roebuck and Jean Lidderdale
Christening: Anne Roebuck February 17, 1780 Bo'Ness, West Lothian, Scotland Abraham Roebuck and Jean Lidderdale

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