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James Lidderdale of Yrsyltoun

Born: c1520
Died: c1580
Andrew Lidderdale




Born:  ????
Died:  ????
Marriage: ????
    Sex   Birth   Death
James Lidderdale   M   c1545   c1621

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Historical Records

Flourished 1535 and was a contemporary of Robert Richardson who was from 1551 to 1571 Lord Treasurer of Scotland and Master of the Mint. He had a son also named James.

Source: Robert Halliday Lidderdale, An Account of the Lowland Scots Family of Lidderdale, 1950.

The first of this family to be found was Andrew Lidderdale, abbot of Dryburgh, A.D. 1489 to 1506. The next found was James Lydderdayll of Yrsyltoune (Berwick) in 1535. He was succeeded by James Lidderdail of Erslingtoun. He married Katherine, daughter of Robert Richardson, commendator, etc., of St Mary's Isle. From this marriage it would appear their connection with Galloway commenced. It is stated, however, in the Report of the Historical MSS. Commission on the St Mary Isle Papers, that the earliest charter is one dated by Robert Richardson in favour of Stephen Lidderdail, A.D. 1558.

Source: P.H. McKerlie, History of the Lands and Their Owners in Galloway, 1878.

Church of Latter Day Saints, Genealogical Office (www.familysearch.org)
Birth: James Lidderdale c1520 Scotland
Death: James Lidderdale c1580  

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