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Thomas Lidderdale

Born: c1610
Died: c1668
James Lidderdale
c1590 - 1665
Thomas Lidderdale
c1570 - c1629

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Descendants of James Lidderdale (mid-1500s to present).

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Historical Records

A brother of Robert of Isle who died about 1652 and who married Margaret Brown. He is frequently mentioned in the Kirkcudbright Sheriff Court Records 1625-1675 first as Thomas of Torrs up to about 1662 then as Thomas of Gerrantoun from about 1665 to 1670 [Thomas of Gerrantoun is more likely the son of Robert Lidderdale]. During that period he was never called or referred to as Thomas Liddell in the Kirkcudbright Town books. He is mentioned as Thomas Liddell in Thomas William's notes but he puts a query after the Liddell and there seems nothing to warrant the second name.

Source: Robert Halliday Lidderdale, An Account of the Lowland Scots Family of Lidderdale, 1950.

On the 4th May 1630, Thomas Lidderdaill de Sanct Mary Isle was heir parcener of Magistri Roberti Richardsone, commendatoris de Sanct Mary Ile, avi ex parte Matris. In December 1636, James Lidderdaill had sasine of Torris Grange (Torrs and Grange) and others. In December 1640, we find Thomas Lidderdaill of St Mary's Isle, and James his son. Again, on the 17th August 1652, that Thomas, son of James Lidderdaill of Isle, had retour, as heir of his brother Robert, in the land of Torr.

On the 17th October 1653, Thomas Lidderdaill had sasine of the two and a-half merk land of Torris.

Source: P.H. McKerlie, History of the Lands and Their Owners in Galloway, 1878.

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