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John Halliday Scott

Born: December 28, 1851
Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Christened: February 20, 1852
Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Died: February 25, 1914
Dunedin, New Zealand
Jane Hannay
1791 - 18 Jan 1861
Marion Shaw Lidderdale
23 Oct 1817 - 7 Apr 1887
James Lidderdale
12 Feb 1786 - 15 May 1878
Andrew Scott



Helen Gardner Bealey

Died:  February 11, 1899, Dunedin, New Zealand
Marriage: c1881
    Sex   Birth   Death
Francis Lidderdale Scott   M        
John MacGregor Scott   M        
Robert Hannay Scott   M   1887   c1917
Marion Bealey Scott   M        
Helen Margaret Scott   F        

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Historical Records

Born 1851, was professor of Anatomy of the Otago University at Dunedin, New Zealand. He married Helen Gardner Bealey daughter of John Bealey and Helen Thompson, circa 1881. Helen Thompson was born in Corfu in 1836 and was the daughter of Frederick Thompson of Maldon, Essex, U.K., and Mary Ann Bingham of Floriana, Malta. They had issue: Francis Lidderdale, John MacGregor, Robert Hannay, Marion Bealey, and Helen Margaret. Helen Scott died on 11 February 1899 at Dunedin, New Zealand.

Sources: Correspondence from Barry Carlson in New Zealand; and Robert Halliday Lidderdale, An Account of the Lowland Scots Family of Lidderdale, 1950 unpublished manuscript.

Excerpt from Wright-St Clair, Rex. 'Scott, John Halliday 1851 - 1914'. Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, updated 22 June 2007 (http://www.dnzb.govt.nz/)

John Halliday Scott was born at Edinburgh, Scotland, on 28 December 1851, the son of Marion Shaw Lidderdale and her husband, Andrew Scott, a writer to the signet. He was baptised John Lidderdale Scott but later changed his middle name to Halliday. He was educated at the Edinburgh Institution and the University of Edinburgh, where he graduated MB and CM in 1874. He worked as a house surgeon for six months each at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and the Stirling Royal Infirmary, and then for the next 18 months as a demonstrator in anatomy at the University of Edinburgh. In 1877 he gained his MRCS and the same year took the degree of MD at Edinburgh university, winning a gold medal for his thesis on the nervous system of the dog. He was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1880.

Church of Latter Day Saints, Genealogical Office (www.familysearch.org)
Christening: John Halliday Scott February 20, 1852 Edinburgh Parish, Edinsburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

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