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James Lidderdale

Born: ????
Died: ????
Kelso, Roxburgh, Scotland
Isabel Nicholson
???? - ????
Eleanora Dunbar
c1680 - 1757
James Dunbar
???? - ????
Mary Gordon
???? - ????
David Lidderdale
1675 - 21 Apr 1732
Thomas Lidderdale
1630 - 11 Feb 1687



Jean Fullerton (or Foulerton, or Fowlerton)

Born:  c1712
Christened:  February 19, 1712, Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
Died:  August 25, 1772
Marriage: c1739
    Sex   Birth   Death
Mary Lidderdale   F   c1740
Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
  died young
David Lidderdale   M   c1741
Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
John Lidderdale   M   c1743
Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
Eleanora Lidderdale   F   c1744
Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
  January 24, 1816
Elizabeth Lidderdale   F   c1745
Midmar, Aberdeen, Scotland
Jean (or Anna) Lidderdale   F   c1748
Midmar, Aberdeen, Scotland
Thomas Lidderdale   M   c1750
Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
Margaret Lidderdale   F   August 9, 1752
at Kelso, Roxburgh, Scotland

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Historical Records

The third of David's sons, married Jean, daughter of Fullerton of Dudwick, Aberdeen. She died 25th August 1772, and was buried in Kelso Kirkyard. He was a collector of Excise at Aberdeen. Robert Halliday Lidderdale reports their known family consisted of a son Thomas who had four sisters (Eleanora, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Anna). In addition there was another daughter, Mary, who died in infancy. Where Thomas came in the family was unknown.

Source: Robert Halliday Lidderdale, An Account of the Lowland Scots Family of Lidderdale, 1950.

Scotland Parish records also report the following christenings of two children of James Lidderdale and Jean Fowlerton/Jean Foulerton in Aberdeen, Scotland:

Child   Date Christened   Place
DavidNov. 6, 1741Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland
JohnJan. 30, 1743Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland
JeanJun. 6, 1748Midmar, Aberdeen, Scotland

On the 23rd June 1708, David Lidderdaill of Torr, had sasine of the ten merk land of Torrs. Then on the 1st June 1739, James Lidderdale, son and heir to the deceased David Lidderdale, had sasine of Torrs. Next, on 8th May 1740, John M'Kie of Palgown, parish of Minnigaff, had sasine; followed on the 21st July 1740, by Henry Home of Kaimes (Berwickshire), advocate, who had sasine of the ten merk land of Torrs.

Source: P.H. McKerlie, History of the Lands and Their Owners in Galloway, 1878.

Ancestors of Jean Fullerton, courtesy of Colin Bond.

Jean (Fullarton/Fowlerton/Fullertone)/Udny is a descendant of Patrick DeOwdeny (b:1332 and died before 1406). There are clues suggesting Patrick's ancestors may have come from Scandinavia as mercenaries to fight with William the Conqueror at the battle of Hastings in 1066.

In line of descent, dates are circa :
Patrick 1332-1406
Ranald 1337-1408
Patrick 1380- 1417 (Lord of Wdny of that ilk)
William 1445- 1510 M: Janet Seton
Ranald 1485-1551 M: Isabella Pantoun
William Udny 1513-1538 M: Daughter of Duncan Forbes
William Udny 1570- ? M: Mary Cheyne -Infeft to Brother Robert in 1622
Robert Udny 1571- 1636 M: Catherine Wallace -Infeft to Brother John in 1634
John Udny 1557-1664 M: Isobel Fraser
Robert Udny of Auchterellon 1616-1712 M: Elizabeth Fullarton

Colonel John Fullarton had four daughters, Elizabeth, Jean, Susanna and Agnes. Their mother is unknown. Robert Udny and Elizabeth had two sons, James Udny 1681-1768 M: Jean Walker and John Udny 1676-1768 M: Mary Falconer. John inherited the lands of Dudwick from his grandfather Col. John Fullarton in 1689, conditional that he changes his name to Fullarton. In 1729 John Fullarton wrote a Deed of Succession to the lands of Dudwick, stipulating that whoever inherits the lands of Dudwick must also inherit the name of Fullarton.

John Fullarton/Udny and Mary had four children:
Jean Fullarton/Udny baptised 19 February 1712 died 25 August 1772
Mary Fullarton/Udny baptised 26 February 1714-?
John Fullarton/Udny 1719-1768
Robert Fullarton/Udny 1722-1786

General Register Office for Scotland (www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk)
Christening: David Lidderdale November 6, 1741 Aberdeen City, Aberdeen, Scotland James Lidderdale and Jean Fowlerton GROS 168/A00 0080 0137
Christening: John Lidderdale January 30, 1743 Aberdeen City, Aberdeen, Scotland James Lidderdale and Jean Foulerton GROS 168/A00 0080 0162
Church of Latter Day Saints, Genealogical Office (www.familysearch.org)
Christening: Jean Fullerton February 19, 1712 Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland John Fullerton and Mary Falconer
Christening: David Lidderdale November 6, 1741 Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland James Lidderdale and Jean Fowlerton
Christening: John Lidderdale January 30, 1743 Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland James Lidderdale and Jean Foulerton

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