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Mildred Elizabeth Lidderdale

Born: July 18, 1909
Scio, Harrison, Ohio
Died: June 27, 2000
Santa Clara, California
Hannah Brown
???? - ????
Elizabeth Hilbury
12 Feb 1868 - 11 Nov 1936
Harry Hillbury
Sep 1837 - ????
Julia Ann Dixon
11 Oct 1834 - 1902
Arthur Edwin Lidderdale
12 Dec 1865 - 2 Nov 1951
James Lidderdale
12 Jan 1836 - Dec 1909



Leonard Blaisdell

Born:  September 19, 1901
Died:  February 1983, Mineral, Nevada
Marriage: ????
    Sex   Birth   Death
Leonard Arthur Blaisdell   M   ????   ????
Shirley Ann Blaisdell   F   ????   ????

Roland Ernest Broschat

Born:  May 8, 1917, Cathay Wells, North Dakota
Died:  November 11, 1987, Carson City, Nevada
Marriage: ????
    Sex   Birth   Death
Michael Robert Broshat   M   May 1, 1947, Santa Clara, California   ????
Lyle Roger Broschat   M   May 28, 1948, Santa Clara, California   ????

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Descendants of James Lidderdale (1782 to present).

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Historical Records

Letter written by Arthur Edwin Lidderdale to Frances and Edward Lidderdale [son of James, Jr., who was Arthur Edwin's youngest brother], a few months before he died, posted on Michael Broscat's web page (www.michaelbroschat.com/WebTopics/mildred/intro4.html):

3 August 1951

Dear Nephew and Niece

Your very nice letter of a recent date is at hand. I see by the post mark that I should have received it much sooner. This is so [because] you have had the wrong address. It is a long time since I have lived in Laurel St. You will note by the letterhead my correct address.

My daughter's [Mildred Elizabeth Lidderdale] husband is in the Navy, and she and the three [two, actually] kids left here two weeks ago and are now with him in Guam, South Pacific. Her two older children are living in her home while they are away. Leonard is a postal carrier, and Shirley is also working. Mildred has a fine home in Redwood City, Calif. This is about fifty miles north of Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz is a real tourist city, and thousands are here from distant points every summer. So, the population here in the summer is over fifty thousand more than in the winter. Along the shore of the ocean, the boardwalk is the longest of any on the Pacific Coast. This is always crowded all the afternoons and until one o'clock in the morning. I very seldom go there in the afternoon, but like to go there in the evenings.

Last week, I was pleased to have a visit from Jean [Lidderdale Campbell] and family. They are on their way to New Zealand where her husband has a position with the Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. He is a chemist. They have three children. It will take them two weeks to get there. I suppose you know of Jean. She is the daughter of George Lidderdale, who lives in Michigan. I am going to send your letter to your Aunt Etha, who lives in Richmond, California. I know she will be interested.

My health is all that could be expected at my age. As you know, I am nearly 86 years.

Love and best wishes to you all.

Uncle Arthur

1910 United States Census
Census Place: Junction City, Perry Co., Ohio
Name Relationship  Age  Birthplace
Arthur E. Lidderdale Head of household 43 England
Elizabeth Lidderdale Wife 41 New York
Elmer Lidderdale Son 17 Pennsylvania
George Lidderdale Son 13 Pennsylvania
Charles Lidderdale Son 7 Ohio
Mildred Lidderdale Daughter 1 Ohio
1920 United States Census
Census Place: Jackson, Perry Co., Ohio
Name Relationship  Age  Birthplace Father's
Arthur E. Lidderdale Head 52 England England England
Elizabeth Lidderdale Wife 49 New York England England
Charles H. Lidderdale Son 16 Ohio England New York
Mildred E. Lidderdale Daughter 10 Ohio England New York
Ohio, County Births, 1856-1909
Born: Mildred Elizabeth Lidderdale July 18, 1909 Harrison, Ohio Father: Arthur Lidderdale
United States Social Security Death Index
Mildred Broschat S.S. No. 546-30-0216 Issued: California Birth: July 18, 1909 Death: June 27, 2000, Campbell, Santa Clara, California
Leonard Blaisdell S.S. No. 560-07-6147 Issued: Nevada Birth: September 19, 1901 Death: February 1983, Mineral, Nevada
Roland Broschat S.S. No. 567-14-3980 Issued: California Birth: May 8, 1917 Death: November 11, 1987, Carson City, Nevada
Church of Latter Day Saints, Genealogical Office (www.familysearch.org)
Birth: Roland Ernest Broschat May 8, 1917 Cathay Wells, North Dakota
Death: Roland Ernest Broschat November 11, 1987 Carson City, Nevada
California, Birth Index, 1905-1995
Born: Michael Robert Broschat May 1, 1947 Santa Cruz, California
Born: Lyle Roger Broschat May 28, 1948 Santa Cruz, California

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