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Other Lidderdales

There are hundreds of Lidderdales for whom a connection to the James Lidderdale (c1520 - c1580) family tree is not yet known. If you have any information on missing names, dates, and connections within or between the separate family trees listed below send me an email (Tancred@Lidderdale.com). Click on a "X" in the table below to view a picture of the family tree (GIF file), church records or census records. The family trees I have drawn represent my best guesses.

District Range of
Birth Years
Birth, Marriage,
  and Death Records  

Berkshire, England     c1780 - 1967 X X X
Cumberland, England     1858 - 1922 X X X
Gloucestershire, England     c1889 - 1967 X X
Lancashire, England     c1811 - 1938 X X X
Northumberalnd, England     c1620 - 1818 X X
Staffordshire, England     c1800 - 1856 X X X
Dumfries, Scotland     c1620 - 1890 X X X
Kirkcudbright, Scotland (tree 1)     c1730 - 1849 X X
Kirkcudbright, Scotland (tree 2)     c1800 - 1898 X X X
Kirkcudbright, Scotland (tree 3)     c1800 - 1948 X X X
Roxburgh, Scotland     c1680 - c1800 X X
Selkirk, Scotland     c1630 - 1733 X X
Wigtown, Scotland     c1750 - 1894 X X
USA (tree 1)     c1830 - present X